DS-6500/6600 Bates*/ Page Numbering System / Paginator / Page Counter

Bates Numbering System DS-6500/6600 (Click to enlarge)

The DS-6500/6600 is a high speed, stand alone, programmable, fully automatic, Bates* Numbering System.

The DS-6500/6600 machine is specially designed to automate such jobs as Sequential Page Numbering (also called Bates* Numbering or Paginating), Document Labeling, Time and Date Stamping. It can also be used as a high speed Document / Page Counter.

If you still do your Bates* numbering using a hand-held Bates* stamp machine, preprinted labels or outside services, then check the capabilities of our  DS-6500/6600 automatic Bates* Numbering System, and see for yourself how it can improve your Bates* numbering process.


Top 5 reasons to use the DS-6500/6600:

  Reduces processing cost of litigation documents.
  Increases productivity and reduces potential scheduling crisis's.
  Eliminates security and confidentiality issues.
  Allows printing any alpha-numeric information (page number, case name, time/date etc.).

  Very easy to use.


  Uses inkjet technology to print on the top or on the bottom of a page.

  The DS-6500 is designed to print on the letter size (8.5" x 11") documents.

  The DS-6600 is designed to print on the A4 size (210mm x 297mm) documents.
  Integrated auto-feeder (200 documents capacity).
  Throughput (up to 6,300 doc/hr).
  Keyboard programmable.
  Sixty programmable and selectable on demand print formats.
  Four Operating Modes: (Printing, Counting, Splitting, Clock).
  Three Font Styles: (Standard, Bold, Extra Bold).
  Five Variables types: (Date/Time, Numeric Prompt, Alpha/Numeric Prompt, Counter, Group Counter).
  Ink Cartridge capacity: 5,000,000 characters in Std. font (approx.).
  Ink Level monitoring capability and "Ink Low" notification.
  RS232 communication port for Firmware Upgrades, Configuration Backups and potential PC based




* Bates is a registered trade mark of General Binding Corporation.


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