Shear Tech MJ-1500 Mixed Documents / Check / Paper Jogger.

Paper Jogger MJ-1500 (Click to enlarge)

The MJ-1500 is a small, table-top, automatic multi-document paper jogger.

Now with reduced noise level (<53 dBA), increased stability and the same excellent  performance.

The MJ-1500 jogger has derived from our well-regarded check jogger MJ-1000. Extended tray of the MJ-1500 accepts wide range of documents, from 2" x 4" up to 8.5" x 11.0" documents.  Jogging a  batch of documents for a few seconds in the paper jogger, perfectly aligns bottom and side edges of checks and documents, reducing chances of jamming and double-feeding. We designed our MJ-1500 Check Jogger specifically for Check-21 heading retailers, smaller banks, branches, community banks, and credit unions as well as mail rooms, post offices and print shops.


Who should use the MJ-1500 Jogger?

Anyone who uses automatic mixed documents (check/paper) Scanners,  such as BUIC Multidoc, and check scanners, such as  Canon CR-180 , Digital Check TellerScan family, and Unisys MyVision X.


  Efficient and Reliable. Takes less than 8 seconds to reliably jog a batch of checks/documents.

  Quiet operation. Noise level is less than 53 dBA.

  Handles wide range of documents, from 2" x 4" up to 8.5" x 11.0" documents.

  Load capacity: 150 checks or 50 documents or mixed 50/50 checks and documents.
  Very small size (3.0" (W), 11.5" (H), 7.5" (D).
  One-touch, automatic, timer controlled operation.
  Automatic or manual control of jogging time.



   Width:    3.0 inches
   Height: 11.5 inches
   Depth:    8.7 inches



   4.5 lb



   50/60Hz, 0.5A





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Proudly made in the USA

Mixed Documents
Paper Jogger

The latest addition to our family of Mini Joggers.

The Bottom Line:
If you have a Check Scanner or complete Imaging System, you need a Check Jogger.