Shear Tech Site Map

MICR Encoders

EN-5400 Exception Item MICR encoder
EN-5500(E) Batch/POD MICR
EN-5800(E) Batch/POD MICR encoder with auto feeder
EN-5800(E)PC PC based MICR encoder with auto feeder

Printers / Endorsers

DS-6500 Page Numbering System / Paginator
DS-6500 Bates Numbering Machine (Brochure)
LE-5900 Automatic Linear Endorser
LE-5950 Automatic Linear Endorser with two print heads

Other Products

          MJ-1000 Check Jogger (Replaced MJ-2500)
          MJ-500 Teller Check Jogger (NEW, Smaller version of MJ-1000)